Our Team

Dr Supra F-C Chan 
BDS Otago

Dr Supra Chan grew up in a Chinese family in Taipei and arrived in Auckland, New Zealand at the age of thirteen. Supra started his dental training in the University of Otago in 1994 and graduated in 1999. Landing in Sydney in 2002, Supra has served in over seven dental practices and acquired vast amount of experiences and knowledges before he founded and started the first dental practice in Zetland in 2006. Today Supra is most famous for being punctual, efficient and kind. ​​

Supra serves a wide ranges of services including preventatives, restoratives, cosmetics, prosthetics, orthodontics and implantology. With the help of the edge cutting high tech equipments and quality materials, he has been able to gain appreciations and gratifications from most of the customers. His aim was to provide the best and most convenient services for all our dearest patients. 

  1. Managing Director
    Vivi Zeng
    Dental Assistant
  2. Managing Director
    Yiyi Xu
    Dental Assistant
  3. Managing Director
    Aki Qian
  4. Managing Director
    Tiffany Han
    Practice Manager
  5. Managing Director
    Stephanie Su
    Financial Support
  6. Managing Director
    Emily Li
    Public Relations Consultant
  7. Managing Director
    Lydia Li
    Public Relations Consultant
  8. Camilo Wong
    IT Technician